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Hiatus Ends January 5th - New Schedule Starts!

posted by PV_ on December 20th, 2014, 7:34 pm

I've got good news and bad news for you, which do you want first? What's that? The bad news?

The bad news is that the hiatus will be extended just a little longer, up until January 5th. I know, right? You are dying to find out just what is in the woods that attacked Bree's brain, and two more weeks feels like FOREVER. PV, how are we to wait this long? you ask. I do not answer, for my mouth is full of Christmas cookies.

It felt more logical to get back into full gear after we got past all these holidays. What does 2015 hold for this brand new webcomic? An actual schedule for one. That's right, starting on January 5th, Creep! will be updating every other Monday. No more will you have to turn to ouija boards and occult magic to predict when the newest panels will come. Mark your calendars, readers.

We will see how this schedule works out, and I will of course let you know in plenty of time if it needs to be changed. That is all there is to say for now. Whatever holidays you are celebrating right now, I hope you are spending them with the people you care about. Season's greetings!


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