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Last Omake Posted, Banzaicon tomorrow, Chapter 1 begins next week!

posted by PV_ on October 29th, 2015, 4:56 pm

I'm actually still deciding on whether I will bring Creep! back this Monday, or the Monday after like originally planned, I guess it depends on how much is done by this Monday! I'd love to bring it back a week early, but it might not be smart to, for my brain's sake. I will post something here on Monday if I decide not to post the first update for Chapter 1 then.

Will you be in Columbia for Halloween weekend? Heading to Banzaicon? I will be there as half of Lunar Oddity Studios! With an exclusive preview of the first few pages of Chapter 1 before they go up! Exciting! We'll also have our usual assortment of products, including new ones! Even some Halloween themed stuff, and who doesn't love Halloween? I LOVE Halloween. And being at an anime con for Halloween? What could be better???


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