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posted by PV_ on November 5th, 2015, 12:07 am

Sorry I didn't put up a news post Monday like I said I would, I still wasn't entirely decided on what I was going to do with the schedule and wanted to wait until I was set on my decision to say anything.

We will still be starting back up on Monday, November 9th! I will also be updating twice a week from that day forward, every Monday and Wednesday! These will be single page updates, so two pages a week. The pages are the same size as the panels I've been doing, but are now formatted into comic page panels. I think the more frequent updates will be better in advertising the comic to those who may not have discovered it yet, and for the single page updates to be easier on me being able to keep up with the story. The hiatus was very effective for me to work ahead some, and I can't wait to start up the story!

Coming up Monday won't just be the first comic page, but also the chapter illustration. See you then!


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