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Updates start tomorrow at 12!

posted by PV_ on August 7th, 2016, 9:03 pm

All pages are ready to go for tomorrow, updates will start at 12 eastern and run until 9 at night. I'm really happy to be moving the story forward at this point of the chapter, and it seemed perfect to put these pages up on the 2nd anniversary. I've had a blast and learned so much creating this comic for the last 2 years, and hope to continue to make it for a long time to come. For those reading, thanks so much for taking a look! I hope you enjoy these pages and continue to enjoy the rest of the chapter.

After this update, we should continue to run at a page a week for the rest of the chapter, unless anything changes. Expect news soon about my art table's appearance at Anime Weekend Atlanta this year, and about the approaching end of the chapter plans after that.


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